Brewer’s Blackbird (I Think)

I believe this to be a female Brewer’s blackbird, but can’t be sure. Regardless, she had quite a scowl on her face as she stared me down from her perch in the vegetation above the […]

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Pademelon with Joey

Macropods are any of the marsupials in the kangaroo family. Pademelons are very small macropods. This mother and her joey were foraging along the side of the road in Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania. […]

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Elephant Seal Mother and Pup

There are two species of elephant seal, the southern, which I photographed in the Falkland Islands and the northern, which are common up and down the California coast. This mother and her pup are northern […]

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Gentoo Squabble

Penguin colonies seem to be a constant source of bickering. And this colony on Saunders Island in the Falklands was no different. I zoomed in on these two gentoo penguins as they were having a […]

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African Giant Snail

Something a little different today. This is an African giant snail. They can grow to as big as eight inches in length. This one was making its way across a sandy trail in the town […]

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Cormorants in Fog

It looked like it would be a difficult day to photograph birds because of all the fog, but it ended up yielding some nice atmospheric shots, like these two cormorants perched near the water’s surface […]

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River Otter with Fish Growing Out of its Mouth

As I’ve mentioned before, Muscatatuck in Indiana is one of the best places in the country to photograph river otters. They can be found all year round, but I like to go in the winter […]

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White-Handed Gibbon

Back in November when I got back from my trip to Thailand, I posted a photo of this white-handed gibbon hanging from one of the tallest trees in the forest and calling to his mate. […]

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Black-Backed Jackal

Jackals are sort of the coyotes of Africa and Asia. I’ve photographed two species in Africa and another in India. This is the black-backed jackal and he was doing his jackal-y thing in the Kalahari […]

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Southern Petrel

The southern petrel is a massive bird with a massive beak. The wingspan is nearly 7 feet, but it’s that very weird and dense beak that had me fascinated as I got a close up […]

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Four-Eyed Opossum

Panama is a great location for nocturnal photography. All sorts of creatures come out as soon as the sun goes in — including quite a few different species of opossum. This one is the four-eyed […]

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Binalong Bay

Here’s another look at Binalong Bay in Tasmania. This one doesn’t show much of the orange lichen that covers most of the rocks, but I liked the circular pattern left by the outgoing tide. Nikon […]

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