Parson’s Chameleon

I think this guy is a Parson’s chameleon but not sure. There are quite a few different species of chameleons in Madagascar. In fact, half the world’s 150 different species can be found there. Parson’s […]

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Hairy Eared Hippo

This lovely beast isn’t actually called a hairy-eared hippo, but he/she is quite obviously a hippo with rather hairy ears. I photographed him/her in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Hippos, of course, are herbivores […]

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Lion Cub on the Prowl

This tiny little lion cub kept leaving his mother to get a better look at us. He’d make a bit of a half-hearted charge and then return back to her. We were in the Olare […]

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Burrowing Owl Family

Here’s another shot from my recent trip down to Florida, and the town of Cape Coral, which has become well known for its rather conspicuous burrowing owl population. That’s mom in the background to the […]

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Time for the annual bunny post on Easter. This little cottontail was photographed late one afternoon in Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. Hope everyone had a great day. Nikon D800 with Nikkor 200-400mm […]

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Leopard Eyes

Sometimes you can get close. This was a one-year old leopard we observed stalking a pangolin for about three hours. I previously posted about the encounter at this link. We were obviously able to get […]

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Tiny Elephant

The elephant on the left was very small. It was calling to what was probably a sibling or cousin. I say that because although it may look like the mother, it was actually a young, […]

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Falkland Steamer Duck

The Falkland steamer duck is one of just two birds endemic to the Falkland Islands. It also happens to be flightless. This particular steamer duck was out for a morning stroll along the shoreline of […]

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Red-Eyed Tree Frog

I’ve been in a frog kind of mood lately. And of all the tree frogs out there, none are quite as iconic as the red-eyed tree frog. I was lucky enough to see quite a […]

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Rockhopper Shower

After a long day at sea, rockhopper penguins appreciate a good shower. The competition at this particular shower spot on Saunders Island in the Falklands can get quite intense. For the moment, this rockhopper has […]

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Orangutan Mother and Baby

It’s been awhile since I posted an orangutan, so here’s a double shot of two of them — a mother and her baby from Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia. Both photos were shot wide […]

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Tent-Making Bats

I found these tent-making bats roosting under the broad leaves of a palm tree in a parking lot in Panama (albeit, a parking lot to a park). The bats get their name from the tents […]

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