Polar Bear Catching Snowflakes

As the weather heats up, thought it would be a good time to post another polar bear. This guy appeared to be catching snowflakes on his tongue, although he was really just giving his paws […]

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Squirrel Monkey

This squirrel monkey looked like he was going incognito in a black wig with matching goatee. Cute little guy, nonetheless. I took the photo from a canoe while on Lake Chalalan in Madidi National Park […]

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Great Egrets

Venice Rookery in Florida is one of the best places in the country to photograph wading birds like great egrets, blue herons, night herons and anhingas. The birds spend all day collecting nesting material and […]

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Spectacled Caiman

I was, obviously, directly above this spectacled caiman as it lurked in the muddy waters of the Yucama River in the Pampas region of Bolivia. I remember it being a scorching hot day, and I […]

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Mantidactylus Bicalcaratus

This one goes out to my frog-loving sister who celebrates her birthday today. Another of the many great frogs that I had the pleasure of meeting in the forests of Madagascar. I didn’t get the […]

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Red Kangaroo Mother and Joey

Here’s one from my first trip to Australia back in 2006. I saw a few different species of kangaroo on that trip, including the red kangaroo. This mother and her joey were grazing late in […]

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Ostrich Portrait

Just a simple ostrich portrait for a Friday. The facts: The ostrich is the largest bird species on the planet. They can’t fly. The myths: They hide their head in the sand when frightened. This […]

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Dusky Langur

This dusky langur caught me off guard. I was walking around the campground that I was staying at in Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand when he/she suddenly appeared on a branch just above me. […]

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Short-beaked echidnas weren’t exactly all over the place, but I did see quite a few of them throughout my trip in Tasmania. Most commonly, I saw them foraging along the side of the road while […]

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Prairie Dog Begging For Mercy

The lighting wasn’t great on this one, but the pose makes up for it. This little prairie dog in the Badlands of South Dakota seemed to be pleading with me not to take his/her picture. […]

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Blue Grosbeak

I came across this blue grosbeak in Delaware a few years back. They don’t range much farther north than that in the summertime. The rest of the year they can be found in warmer climates […]

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Southern Yellow Hornbill Portrait

Here’s another one from Botswana. This time the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and a southern yellow hornbill. I think he/she was trying to wink at me but couldn’t quite get that left eye to close. […]

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