This tadpole was fresh from the water. It’s an hourglass tree frog, also known as the pantless tree frog (I think I like the latter name better). I spotted the little guy on a night […]

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Kangaroos Doing What They Do

Kangaroos jump. It’s what they do. So here are two shots of eastern grey (locally known as the forester) kangaroos doing just that. One going parallel and one coming right at me. Both were taken […]

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Snowy Egret with Dinner

I was photographing tidepool life at Lover’s Point in Monterey Bay when I caught sight of this snowy egret with dinner. Snowy egrets like to stalk their prey in shallow water, but in addition to […]

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California Newt

I photographed this California newt several years back somewhere north of San Francisco. These guys are pretty formidable as far as newts go, growing to about eight inches long. They are also toxic. This is […]

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Tayra and Bananas

Tayras are pretty cool creatures. They kind of look like otters that live in trees in the rainforest. Like otters, they are in the mustelid family. This tayra — photographed in the cloud forest of […]

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Coyote Bursting Through Snow

Coyotes have become pretty common these days thanks to their ability to adapt to so many different habitats and weather conditions. Always nice to see them in Yellowstone in the wintertime. This guy clearly had […]

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Chimps are actually pretty hard to photograph in the wild. They usually hang out high in the tree tops and are very active, ducking in and out of thick vegetation. I was lucky to encounter […]

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Eye of a Burro

Last month I posted a wild burro at a distance, behind a bush of yellow flowers. Here’s a completely different angle. As I mentioned previously, these wild burros, or donkeys, or asses if you prefer, […]

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Heterixalus Betsileo

In addition to lemurs and chameleons, Madagascar is also a great place to photograph frogs. This guy’s scientific name is Heterixalus Betsileo. Not sure of the common name. I photographed him/her on a night walk […]

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Tasmanian Devil

This Tasmanian devil appears to be letting out a blood curdling scream, but in reality, he was just a bit sleepy and letting out a good yawn. I photographed devils both in the wild (at […]

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Long-Tailed Macaque Mother and Baby

This is a long-tailed macaque mother with her baby, photographed last November in Thailand. It goes out to all the mothers, human and otherwise, especially my own mom, wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day […]

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Lion Cub and Dad

This little lion cub was taking a bit of a rest upon the safe confines of Dad’s well-fed torso. This was from my visit to the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. I didn’t expect to see […]

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